dimanche 5 septembre 2010

Oil Rush: A new awesome naval strategy game .

I came across this game called Oil Rush on Unigine's website. Looks very interesting to me. Below is some info about the game and some screenshots.

Game Info

Key Features

-High-end graphics
-Multi-player over LAN and Internet
-Multi-platform:Windows, Linux, and PlayStation 3
-Explosive gameplay with rushing swarms of furious enemies
-Various environments
-Mod SDK available

Game Play

OilRush is a real-time strategy game based on the group control. It offers mechanics of a classical RTS combined with a Tower Wars genre: control the construction and upgrade of production platforms along with their defence forces, and send battle groups of naval and air units to capture enemy's platforms and oil rigs.

The game can be played with your friends over LAN or Internet.


In the post-apocalyptic flooded world there are two things running short: oil and time. The last survivors in a desperate desire to seize control and dominate the enemy have started the naval warfare that made the whole world one large battlefield. In these harsh and cruel times, the oil is thicker than blood.


Oil that is pumped by oil rigs is the main resource in the OilRush world. In exchange for oil you can buy additional defence turrets and make high technology researches.

Oil Rigs

Oil rigs cannot defend themselves. Controlling them is an extremely important and difficult task.

Production Platforms

Platforms build attack units of a specific type. You can also equip them with defence turrets to fight against enemy attacks. Casting special abilities to the platform affects all units close to it.


Battle groups are formed of several unit types: various ships, aircrafts and submarines. Choose them wisely since you will be struggling against different kinds of enemy defence.

Technology Tree

Making special technology researches brings you more advanced defence and more powerful attack weaponry, including nukes.

Current State

The game is currently at the end of production stage. Digital release of PC version is planned for Q4 2010.

Source: http://oilrush-game.com/

Some Screenshots
kind of big screenshots.
see them on the official website: http://oilrush-game.com/screenshots/

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  1. that looks awesome will have to try it out :D


  2. Looks nice, but I think its a bad time to sell it with the BP oil problem right now.

  3. at first i thought it was a joke, but then i went to the website.

  4. this looks awesomely cool, and why would it be a joke hanyo? They'll have to pull it off right though. IE not be an uber micro war or a cruise control game either.

  5. looks very nice. i'll give it a try. i'm following you. if you want, hit me back! :)

  6. sounded like some oil rig sim, turns out it sounds pretty gud... more like a kind of the hill style game right?

  7. haha an OIL game :D cool story bro! followed

  8. pretty cool man, looks different

  9. lol at oil game.


  10. This shit is so cash, game seems badass

  11. Cool, but I doubt it will sell too much right now, with the scandals revolving around those oil spills.

    Looks interesting tho :)


  12. holy fuck the game is sweet bro

    follow back

  13. looks pretty boss


  14. lol at first i thought this was a joke..

  15. Interesting, I'm following, feel free to check out my blog.

  16. If the gameplay looks as good as the trailer, it should be fun.
    Following ftw.

  17. Awesome. First time I've seen a game about a war over oil, though there's tons of them in real life.

    Followed, Clicked, Commenting! :D


  18. gotta love them games!

    not war for "freedom".. for oil! the reallity in the game isn't just in the graphics xD