lundi 27 septembre 2010

Top 10 Myths about Forex

Forex is a market where exchange of one currency with another currency takes place. It’s the market which provides accessibility and liquidity to the traders to buy and sell one foreign currency in exchange of another.
Forex traders seek profit in buying currencies low and selling them high. This kind of trading became more popular with the widespread of the on-line Forex brokers. There is a lot of information available about Forex on the web. However there also many myths surrounding the foreign exchange market:
  1. Forex trading is easy. Many people that want to dive into the world of the foreign exchange market believe that the Forex trading is easy — you just read a book or two and then you will be able to earn daily profits with just 2-3 hours trading daily. Others think that they can buy a profitable strategy and it will make them rich in Forex. In reality that’s just a myth. Succeeding in Forex isn’t easier than mastering any other profession — it takes time, money and a lot of practice.
  2. "I will make money in Forex, if I can trade stocks successfully." Success in stock market doesn’t imply that you will get success in Forex market — there are many differences between trading stocks and the spot currencies. First of all, Forex market requires a lot of hard work and dedication as this market is open for 24 hours a day. You cannot just sit in front of your computer for the whole day and night, so the best way is that you should find the most suitable time periods for trading. Second, “buy&hold„ strategy simply won’t work in Forex market. Third, you don’t have that much information about currencies as you can get from the companies’ reports and statistics.
  3. "I can make profit whenever I want if Forex market is open 24 hours a day." Once again, you won’t be sitting in front of your PC for the whole day to be able to trade 24 hours. You’ll have to develop automated trading software to get the advantage of 24 hours a day working schedule.
  4. "I can be a successful Forex trader just following someone else’s signals." Many beginning traders get burned by the blind signal-following. That’s like putting away the whole responsibility for your actions to someone else. That may sound cool, but in reality you end up with the huge losses. Learn to rely on your own knowledge and skills. Remember that there were no great signal-followers in any financial market.
  5. No commission is to be paid in Forex market. You only have to pay the spread, but you don’t have to pay the commission. And what’s spread? It is the difference between the buy and sell price of the currency pair at the same moment. You may end up with the major part of your profits in the broker’s hands if you plan to rely on the short-term trading.
  6. Forex is a scam. Some skeptics and disappointed traders think that Forex is just some new fad to scam people for their hard earned money. Although there are many scams that are hiding behind the "brand" of Forex, that doesn’t mean that the Forex itself is a scam. There are many institutional Forex brokers, regulated Forex account managers and other solid companies in the market to whom you can trust.
  7. "I need to exactly predict the market outcome to be profitable in Forex." There is no scientific method to know something in advance in the market with a 100% certainty. There would be no Forex market if you could know the exact currency rates beforehand. Trading is not the game of certainties; it’s a game of odds. One of the first things that new traders learn is to think in the terms of probabilities and risk-to-reward ratios.
  8. "I need to use a very complex strategy to be successful in Forex." It’s a popular myth, in which many on-line sellers would want you to believe. The main requirement to be successful in Forex is a self-discipline and money management. There are many traders that make consistent profits with rather simple and old strategies.
  9. "I need to have a lot of starting capital to get profit in Forex." Big capital investment won’t help you in Forex. You don’t need a lot of money to diversify in currencies and you can’t move the currency rates with your trading orders (you’d need billions of dollars to do that). Actually you can trade with a very a little capital, because Forex trading is almost always leveraged with the broker’s money.
  10. Forex is gambling because it’s completely random. Although there is no certainty in Forex (as in any financial market) it doesn’t mean that it’s completely random. And it’s certainly not a gambling, since your success in this market depends mostly on your skills and experience, not on your luck.
Knowledge is power — so it’s better for you to learn distinguishing some stereotypical myths from the real thing. Don’t fall for the promises of getting some easy profits in Forex, but don’t be afraid of the market just because some people think it’s not possible to earn there. Be rational — this quality will help you either if you are going to trade in Forex or not.

dimanche 19 septembre 2010

A Facebook Phone?

A Facebook Phone? 
According to TechCrunch's Michael Arrington's sources, Facebook is creating its own cellphone. As the story goes, they're building the OS, and have tasked a hardware manufacturer to build everything else. Anyone else think this sounds like a Facebook-flavored Peek?
Scared by Google's impending Nexus One (which was announced back in January of this year), Facebook supposedly began planning their phone. Something that would integrate Facebook contacts more deeply than anything Android or any other platforms had done before.
Arrington scribed on a blog post this morning that two Facebook employees, Joe Hewitt and Matthew Papakipos are leading the charge on the OS, using their previous careers as Firefox browser creator and Chrome OS builder (respectively) to launch something Facebook can be proud of. Whether the rest of the world would be proud carrying a Facebook phone is another matter entirely—though I don't have any doubts that this would be a very affordable phone aimed at the young 'uns, if it does amount to something other than speculation. [TechCrunch]

samedi 18 septembre 2010

Best iphone game yet

Moral Decay.

I think I can confirm that this was indeed rejected. Anything I find about it was from March 2009. If the dev had any sense, he would just substitute the sprite for another and release it as the politically correct game Apple desires v_v .

vendredi 17 septembre 2010

Epic Halo Cosplay !

But Is cosplay still the right word to use when it's just some model that's been hired by the company to dress up as a promotion?

jeudi 16 septembre 2010

A tribute to an utter hero…

A. Game. A. Week. For a whole fucking year.

That would kill most mortal men. And not only that, this is the SECOND year running he’s done this, and he is carrying on this year (after a break, naturally)! And it’s not as if the games are crap – they’re bloody good fun (I recommend JNKPlat and Retro Raider 2). They’re in all kinds of different genres and they’re almost all brilliant games, and I recommend you give them a go. His website is here.
Here’s his video celebrating 54 games in 54 weeks:

mercredi 15 septembre 2010

Minecraft: The Coolest Game You've Never Heard Of !

The first step…

I have a problem. I lose track of the hours because they pass like minutes. I sleep through the afternoon because it’s practically dawn when I finally get to bed. I neglect my girlfriend because I don’t notice the phone going off. I actually had to make time to review that other –craft game! Why? Let me explain…

Minecraft: The Coolest Game You've Never Heard Of [  @ 1784 x 946 ] > View Full-Size in another window.

Minecraft: The Coolest Game You've Never Heard Of [  @ 1784 x 946 ] > View Full-Size in another window.

Minecraft: The Coolest Game You've Never Heard Of [  @ 1784 x 946 ] > View Full-Size in another window.

I first heard of Minecraft a while back when my little brother showed me he had been creating some 8-bit art (turns out a lot of people do that with the game). I thought nothing of it, but a couple weeks ago I remembered the name and went to its official website on a whim. After reading about the game and what it was about, I immediately paid the $13 for a full license because I knew it was right up my alley.

What the heck is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox-style building game with a variety of rather large blocks representing materials in the world’s environment. (Yes, its graphics are about on par with Doom; if you can’t look past that you might as well stop reading now.) Every map is procedurally generated with grassy plains, forested hills, sandy beaches, towering mountains, and most interestingly, sprawling networks of underground tunnels and caves. There is no real point of the game but to explore and build to your heart’s content. That, however, is where the similarities between the free and pay versions of the game end.

Classic mode (the free one) is purely a no-holds-barred virtual sandbox. You have access to unlimited materials of every type for building and you can destroy existing blocks instantly by bashing them with whatever you’re holding. Every map is randomly generated when you start playing, so if you don’t like what you see, it’s easy to start again with something fresh. Most people start wandering around, maybe building a castle or tower or something, but I’ve seen lots of art making creative use of the range of colors available. Then there’s stuff like this:

mardi 14 septembre 2010

Firesay Add-on for voice browsing in Firefox


Firesay is an interesting add-on for Mozilla Firefox. It enables users to talk to the web browser. This speech recognition add-on can change the way we browse internet. Imagine any ordinary browser task being done talking to web browser, like web search, browsing social network sites. Firesay let user’s to do so. Install Firesay add-on and try it today.
The add-on is still in beta, you might experience some bugs. Firesay add-on work only in windows. Once Installed, the developers recommend users to train the speech recommendation in windows control panel. After training, you can test voice control in Mozilla Firefox. Firesay can save a lot of time through voice browsing.
Currently, you can:-
  • Say your search queries(Eg: Search google ‘Technology’ )
  • Say which sites you want to visit.(Eg: Go to Facebook ; only limited sites are supported as of now.)
  • Say what TV shows you want to watch on Hulu.(Eg: Watch the ‘Office’, to watch Office Tv show on Hulu.)Close the active tab (Eg: Close tab)
  • Open, Launch ( Same as ‘Go to’)
We can enable/disable Firesay with a click. It accepts commands only when the browser window is active. It would be great if the developers add functions like “Scroll Down” “Save Web Page” “Next Tab”and other daily browser tasks we do.
There are many challenges, and more features to be added,  long way to go, but Firesay might soon become a must have add-on for your Firefox.
Firesay can be downloaded from the Mozilla Add-ons Repository.

Jailbreak PlayStation 3 (PS3) with a TI-84 Plus Calculator [Video]

It is strange to see a procedure to jailbreak PlayStation 3 (PS3) using a TI-84 Plus calculator.

The calculator connects via a USB A to USB mini-B cable which comes with the calculator and is also used to charge the PS3 controllers. Once the connection is made, launch the software on the calculator, power cycle the PS3, and turn it on with the familiar power-eject button presses.

The only problem with the system is that the calculator needs to be connected every time you boot.

lundi 13 septembre 2010

Ant Death Spiral

This is one of my favorite things about ants -- the ant death spiral. Actually, it's a circular mill, first described in army ants by Schneirla (1944). A circle of army ants, each one following the ant in front, becomes locked into a circular mill. They will continue to circle each other until they all die. How crazy is that? Sometimes they escape, though. Beebe (1921) described a circular mill he witnessed in Guyana. It measured 1200 feet in circumference and had a 2.5 hour circuit time per ant. The mill persisted for two days, "with ever increasing numbers of dead bodies littering the route as exhaustion took its toll, but eventually a few workers straggled from the trail thus breaking the cycle, and the raid marched off into the forest."

Folks interested in things like self-organization, emergant properties, complex systems, etc. etc. like to point to this as a cautionary tale. I even found a reference to a group programming robots to interact like ants that accidentally produced this behavior in their robots. Apparently you can also reproduce this behavior in the lab by placing a glass jar into the surface. The ants will eventually circle the jar and continue to do so even after the jar has been removed. I assume just army ants. Wow, I wish we had an army ant colony in the lab.

dimanche 12 septembre 2010

Return Of The Robots

Once again I am purely a robot trader.


Part of the reason is that my day job does not allow me to use company Internet or computing resources for the purpose of earning revenue. This is a sensible restriction even if my use would only have been to let me view charts and enter trades.

Now I use the Internet at work purely to watch how my robot is doing. I don't enter trades, I can't access or change the robot's behavior during the day, so really, I'm watching buy and sell events for entertainment purposes. As long as it isn't chewing up bandwidth or interfering with my productivity that is alright.

The latest incarnation of live robot is a bi-directional trader. The theory is that at any point in time prices are going to move in some direction for a while and then in the other direction. This back and forth movement will continue endlessly.

Conceptually, break the bi-direction robot into two unidirectional robots.

With that done, admittedly, it is possible that one of my robots will run out of ability to trade as the price moves a long way in the wrong direction. However, my other robot will be earning a profit during this time. Additionally, I am certainly able to manually reallocate resources between these two robots if and when conditions support the reversal of a large movement.

With the volatility of last week this reasonably cautious robot did fairly well. However, this robot isn't suitable for professional trading as it is allowed to hang onto negative positions for a long period of time.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this robot is the sound it makes whenever it closes a profitable position. Hearing the ka-ching sound whenever there is price movement up or down is very rewarding... as it happens so often.

iSendr: Send files directly to another computer over the web

Using the service is dead simple: you simply head over the website, click “share file” and point the website toward the file you wish to share. You’ll be given a link to share the file with, which you will share with your friend (you can optionally password protect the file if you’re worried about security). They paste the link into a web browser and presto: they have your file.

send files directly to another computer

This is a really nice tool if you’re looking to do a quick file transfer without installing any software. Best of all, your transfer is completely secure: the iSender team cannot see what files you’re sharing, as the file is never actually on their servers. This tool is quick, easy and safe; there’s no reason not to give it a shot.


  • Web-based tool for quick file transfers.
  • Point the site toward any file and you’ll be given a link for sharing it.
  • Link allows someone to download the file directly from your computer.
  • Similar tools: FilesOverMiles, PipeBytes and JetBytes.

Check out iSendr @ www.isendr.com

New Civilization 5 Gameplay Footage [VID]

Can't Wait !

jeudi 9 septembre 2010

Cyclisk, A 65′ Tall Obelisk Made Out of Recycled Bicycles



Cyclisk is a 65′ tall, 10,000 pound obelisk made out of 340 recycled bicycles in Santa Rosa, CA that was created by Petaluma artists Mark Grieve and Ilana Spector. Cyclisk was recently featured in Press Democrat & Wired Gadget Lab.

mercredi 8 septembre 2010

Team Rocket Cosplay

Double Trouble

The Greatest Pokemon duet! Team Rocket's Rockin'

Yay ! 100+ Followers !

Accept this fabulous Wallpaper as a modest thank you gift.

Spectrum of the sky.


Source (afaik) along with Different resolutions.

mardi 7 septembre 2010

iPod Rescue-Music Recovery Software for iPod

iPod Rescue is a free software to recover music from Windows formatted iPod,When hard disk failure or system crash destroys your iTunes installation and takes your music collection with it. iPod Rescue runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1.You can simply download iPod Rescue software to your computer and run it. This software does not require to be installed.

How to use

  • Connect your iPod to your computer.
  • Click Select iPod to select it.
  • Select the songs you want to rescue.
  • Click Rescue to copy the songs from your iPod to your computer.
  • Features

  • Easy-to-use, nothing to install
  • Listen to songs on your iPod
  • Customize filenames of rescued songs
  • Download iPod Rescue

    You know what to do! - FCC Allowing 30 Days for Public Comment on Net Neutrality !



    About halfway down on page 6 you will find details about the various accepted ways to file a comment.

    Please don't tl;dr the FCC's notice; they're asking for comments on each individual point in the proposal. Let's do this!

    Say something now, or be pissed about it the rest of your life.

    lundi 6 septembre 2010

    Bottle of Duke Nukem's Steroids !

    0% Bubble Gum


    So if you take the whole bottle of 1000 tablets, you'd have 1,000,000% daily value of awesome? That's a whole lotta awesome!

    dimanche 5 septembre 2010

    Oil Rush: A new awesome naval strategy game .

    I came across this game called Oil Rush on Unigine's website. Looks very interesting to me. Below is some info about the game and some screenshots.

    Game Info

    Key Features

    -High-end graphics
    -Multi-player over LAN and Internet
    -Multi-platform:Windows, Linux, and PlayStation 3
    -Explosive gameplay with rushing swarms of furious enemies
    -Various environments
    -Mod SDK available

    Game Play

    OilRush is a real-time strategy game based on the group control. It offers mechanics of a classical RTS combined with a Tower Wars genre: control the construction and upgrade of production platforms along with their defence forces, and send battle groups of naval and air units to capture enemy's platforms and oil rigs.

    The game can be played with your friends over LAN or Internet.


    In the post-apocalyptic flooded world there are two things running short: oil and time. The last survivors in a desperate desire to seize control and dominate the enemy have started the naval warfare that made the whole world one large battlefield. In these harsh and cruel times, the oil is thicker than blood.


    Oil that is pumped by oil rigs is the main resource in the OilRush world. In exchange for oil you can buy additional defence turrets and make high technology researches.

    Oil Rigs

    Oil rigs cannot defend themselves. Controlling them is an extremely important and difficult task.

    Production Platforms

    Platforms build attack units of a specific type. You can also equip them with defence turrets to fight against enemy attacks. Casting special abilities to the platform affects all units close to it.


    Battle groups are formed of several unit types: various ships, aircrafts and submarines. Choose them wisely since you will be struggling against different kinds of enemy defence.

    Technology Tree

    Making special technology researches brings you more advanced defence and more powerful attack weaponry, including nukes.

    Current State

    The game is currently at the end of production stage. Digital release of PC version is planned for Q4 2010.

    Source: http://oilrush-game.com/

    Some Screenshots
    kind of big screenshots.
    see them on the official website: http://oilrush-game.com/screenshots/


    When you say trading, people will say trading is an art. Look at all the books that has been published on the subject. They will say the art of trading forex.

    In that sense, we must take forex as an art and not a science. I know, some people may not agree with me and all the post that is in this blog. I don't blame them coz I was actually in the same place as they were when I started trading. Trying to find the answer to forex using every logical explanation.

    This is the answer that you have been looking for. I am going to give it to you straight away. Let see if your mind can accept it.

    Forex is not a science. There is not a single mathematical equation that can explain it. Do not forecast, do not predict, do not anticipate. All you need to do to make profit is to follow the market. If the price is going up, you buy. If the price is going down, u sell. You may not win all the time but if you follow the market, in the end you will be in profit. Make profit and build up your capital up to a point where a few winning trades per month will bring huge profit.

    Can you accept it? Can you mind admit it? Is your logical mind challenged? Do you feel helpless? Welcome to the real world :)

    samedi 4 septembre 2010

    Susg your Long URL

    susg your Long url

    What susg basically does?

    It shortens your url from a lengthy one (like tinyurl), say an example an eBay listing which is awefully long url

    QQsacatZ4599QQsocmdZListingItemListQQssPageNameZdc pComputersTextNonFeat

    into something short and span like


    20 Rules To Stop Losing Money

    1. Don't trust others opinions -
    It's your money at stake, not theirs. Do your own analysis, regardless of the information source.
    2. Don't believe in a company -
    Trading is not investment. Remember the numbers and forget the press releases. Leave the American Dream to Peter Lynch.
    3. Don't break your rules -
    You made them for tough situations, just like the one you're probably in right now.
    4. Don't try to get even -
    Trading is never a game of catch-up. Every position must stand on its merits. Take your loss with composure, and take the next trade with absolute discipline.
    5. Don't trade over your head -
    If your last name isn't Buffett or Cramer, don't trade like them. Concentrate on playing the game well, and don't worry about making money.
    6. Don't seek the Holy Grail -
    There is no secret trading formula, other than solid risk management. So stop looking for it.
    7. Don't forget your discipline -
    Learning the basics is easy. Most traders fail due to a lack of discipline, not a lack of knowledge.
    8. Don't chase the crowd -
    Listen to the beat of your own drummer. By the time the crowd acts, you're probably too late…or too early.
    9. Don't trade the obvious -
    The prettiest patterns set up the most painful losses. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.
    10. Don't ignore the warning signs -
    Big losses rarely come without warning. Don't wait for a lifeboat to abandon a sinking ship.
    11. Don't count your chickens -
    Profits aren't booked until the trade is closed. The market gives and the market takes away with great fury.
    12. Don't forget the plan -
    Remember the reasons you took the trade in the first place, and don't get blinded by volatility.
    13. Don't have a paycheck mentality -
    You don't deserve anything for all of your hard work. The market only pays off when you're right, and your timing is really, really good.
    14. Don't join a group -
    Trading is not a team sport. Avoid stock boards, chatrooms and financial TV. You want the truth, not blind support from others with your point of view.
    15. Don't ignore your intuition -
    Respect the little voice that tells you what to do, and what to avoid. That's the voice of the winner trying to get into your thick head.
    16. Don't hate losing -
    Expect to win and lose with great regularity. Expect the losing to teach you more about winning, than the winning itself.
    17. Don't fall into the complexity trap -
    A well-trained eye is more effective than a stack of indicators. Common sense is more valuable than a backtested system.
    18. Don't confuse execution with opportunity -
    Overpriced software won't help you trade like a pro. Pretty colors and flashing lights make you a faster trader, not a better one.
    19. Don't project your personal life -
    Trading gives you the perfect opportunity to discover just how screwed up your life really is. Get your own house in order before playing the markets.
    20. Don't think its entertainment -
    Trading should be boring most of the time, just like the real job you have right now.